Chapter 4: A Warning from the Water Demons.

by Shardstyle

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The Book of Shardtron, is a sonic novel about a dark and enchanting crystalline world, featuring beats of underground artists and producers.
The Shardtronian world is as dangerous and dark as it is decadent and glittering. A combination of the organically faceted and the unnaturally angular. it is a place of beauty, the ancient and the advanced morphing into one another, never quite separating but never really fully in sync either. We the Shardtron collective are attempting to capture this struggle piece by piece.

Chapter 4 was produced by Shardstyle (Sam Rolfes).
Shardstyle- "The chapter title "A Warning from the Water Demons" immediately conjured images of grandiose, melodramatic aggression and blatantly absurd explosions--enormous bedazzled Kaiju monsters slouched in fire-belching La-Z-Boys-- which initially informed the nigh-offensively abrasive synths and progressions I constructed (myself being a producer and artist particularly interested in ugly shit), but then I realized imagining Bun B and Slim Thug as two massively menacing and wretchedly omnipotent Water Demons playing part in my own operatic Dirty South rap-epic was far more entertaining."
What warning does the Elder-Daemon Slim Thugga Muffukka hold for our impressively muscular and overly violent traveler? Why would these rappers be water demons when Texas is a particularly arid climate?
To this I can only answer, "stop asking so many goddamn questions, if your ears aren't crying out in pain the track isn't loud enough".

Sam Rolfes, Shardstyle, etc. is a multi-media visual artist, a graphic designer, an experimental electronic music producer and turntablist, a promoter and social media specialist, a writer, and the co-founder of the Chicago and Austin based art and music collective, Join The Studio. He is currently finishing work on a comprehensive mix of new music to be put out on USB/tape by the (In)Sect Records-affiliated mix and poster series Gilded Alliance, to be debuted at the end of April, running the daily activities and projects of Join The Studio, freelancing as a designer and illustrator, and pulling together material for a vinyl-45 release.

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released April 3, 2013
Producer/ Composer/ M&M by Shardstyle (Sam Rolfes)
Artwork by REMINGTON (Remington Messinger)
Concept of Book/ Mixtape by Born Down (Andrew Valenzuela) and REMINGTON (Remington Messinger).



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The Book of Shardtron Chicago, Illinois

The Book of Shardtron is a sonic novel about a dark and enchanting crystalline world, featuring beats of underground artists and producers.
Each artist was given a chapter name in which they interpreted the name into song form.

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